Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Review: "Check Me Out" by Becca Wilhite

Book Description:

Check Me Out [A Proper Romance] by Becca Wilhite

Greta loves her job as assistant librarian. She loves her best friend, Will, the high school civics teacher and debate coach. She even loves her mother despite her obvious disappointment that Greta is still single.

Then she meets Mac in the poetry section of the library, and she is smitten. Mac is heart-stoppingly gorgeous and showers her with affection, poetic text messages, and free hot chocolate at the local cafe where he works. The only problem is that he seems to be a different person in his texts that in his face-to-face conversation.

When the Franklin Library is threatened with closure, Greta leaps into action. She arranges for a "battle of the bands" book jam, hosts a book signing by a famous author, and finally, stages a protest that raises more than a few eyebrows.

Through it all, she slowly realizes that it is Will, not Mac, who she turns to for support and encouragement. Mac has the looks; Will has the heart. How can she choose between them?

Check Me Out is a contemporary romance—with just a hint of Cyrano de Bergerac—that reminds us to never judge a book by its cover.

My Review:

So much fun! I absolutely loved this book! This was my first time reading a Becca Wilhite book, but it definitely won't be the last! It starts with an adorable cover, and from the first page doesn't disappoint. I, personally, want to move into the old library the main character wants to save. I loved the description, and the situation was believable. What made it fun was the hint of Cyrano de Bergerac. I loved Wilhite's twist on the classic tale, and her humor was refreshing and fun. Some may not like how the character acted, but I feel it was honest and showed a beautiful arc in her development. A fabulous and fun read!

So glad there are authors out there who write clean, fun stories like this!

Check Me Out

A Proper Romance by Becca Wilhite

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Review: Donna Weaver's "Swing Vote" on Audiobook

Book Description:

An IED blew up more than Marc North's career as a Cobra pilot—it shattered his plans for marriage. After being dumped by his girlfriend and spending more than a year in rehab, all he wants is to fly again. He jumps at the chance to partner with a combat buddy in a helicopter sightseeing business. Now in a boomtown in southern Utah, Marc gets caught up with local politics. And the local election official.

At work, McKenzie Terkildsen struggles to keep control of a dangerously contentious election. At home, she shares the challenge of raising younger half-brothers with her older step-brother. He complicates things by inviting a Marine buddy to stay with them while the two build a business together. As a council member takes liberty with facts and stirs the already caustic election brew, the last thing McKenzie needs is one more guy messing up her life—or her heart.

My Review:

Donna Weaver's books are well researched, well written, and well executed. I like that there is more than just a sweet romance to each of her books, though there definitely are romantic sparks as well! I liked how the mechanics of city government were meshed into the story; I learned while being thoroughly entertained. Fun characters, great story line, wonderful story. Instead of reading this book, I enjoyed it through the audio version, and this was a treat. I don't know that I've listened to too many sweet romances narrated by a man, but I feel this was the perfect choice. Scott Smith performed it perfectly. His voice inflections were wonderful--I always knew who was speaking because he did such a great job with the different characters. I would listen to Scott Smith narrate again, and I look forward to more books by Donna Weaver. And now I totally want to go back and read the first two books. I didn't feel like I missed anything by not reading them--this book can stand alone--but I am ready for more!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Performance Anxiety in "The Practically Romantic Groom"

Choke, tripped up, freezing up, stage fright. It's happened to all of us.

There are so many things I would rather do that get up on stage in any way; heck, I don't even like making phone calls to people I don't know. Thank goodness for texting, right?

Performance anxiety is a real thing. I feel for my son every time he gets out on the soccer pitch. As a goalkeeper, the pressure is high! And he does very well. His father and I are the ones sitting with pounding hearts.

But should we allow our anxiety over how others may perceive us that should keep us from doing something we love? Sharing our expertise or talents with others? What do you do to overcome stage fright?

In my book, The Practically Romantic Groom, one of the main characters, Brooke Holt, is a florist and classical pianist (who only plays in her own home) who also has the idea that maybe she wants to write and perform country music, but a life-long struggle with performance anxiety holds her back.

What are some of the other dreams that fear keeps us from reaching for? Climbing Angel's Landing in Zion National Park? Going to college? Writing a book?

What can you do to overcome your hesitations? Your dream is worth reaching for!

Find out if Brooke overcomes her fears in The Practically Romantic Groom.