Saturday, December 4, 2010

Running Through Christmas

‘Tis the season…for running at night. So, I’m a wimp. The proof is this: I refuse to run under 45 degrees. In fact, if possible, I wait until it is at least 55 degrees. I get up and take the kids to school and because I don’t want to breathe in cold air and make my lungs burn (worse than they would already, anyway), I mess up my day’s entire schedule by thinking, “I’ll do it later when it warms up.” So then I get busy writing and working and being a mom and all of the sudden it’s seven o’clock before I’m finally ready to go…and it’s pitch black, and starting to get cold again.
But I can’t let that stop me. So I layer my clothes, grab a flashlight in one hand and pepper spray in the other, and head out. I run in pretty safe neighborhoods, and all, but you never know what’ll happen in the dark. Still, I’m pretty sure I’m going to blind myself one way or another.
December isn’t too bad, though, especially after this week because it was warm and everyone strung their Christmas lights. Now I can run, weaving through neighborhood streets, my way lit by the beautiful Christmas lights I enjoy while I run. So I will enjoy my December evenings and upper-forty-degree weather and be thankful I can run through Christmas.