Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pep Talk or Trash Talk?

For the third day in a row, I'm surviving a sore throat primarily by sucking on a throat lozenge constantly. My cough drop of choice is Halls Breezers because they're the least-medinciny, best-tasting sugar-free drop out there. But it wasn't until today that I read the tiny words printed on the individual wrapper. "Dust off and get up."

Really? Here I am, sick, and I purchased a product so I can feel better, but instead I get insulted? It's like going for a Band-Aid and finding "Aw! Did you get an itty-bitty boo-boo?" or "It's just a scratch!" printed on it. Or a bottle of ibuprofen saying, "Tough it out, you wimp!" or Pepto-Bismol saying "Did you have an upset tummy? Get your mommy to give you a hug."

Halls calls them "A pep talk in every drop," but I'm thinking they were written by the Hallmark card company rejects--all the sentimentality left out! Thanks for caring, Halls!