Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is It Still Progress?

I got on today to update my WIP meter. Not that I had much to add, but I do it at least weekly, or I'll forget and miss some small step in my process. Really, it was 2.5 measly miles toward running 100 miles. I should have done this last fall when I was preparing for the half marathon, because I could have added 30+ miles a week and met that goal within a month. But with the cold weather, I knew this would be a more realistic goal.

The thing is, this week the weather took a 180. Last week we were having school delayed for subzero windchills and this week it's in the 80s--right where I love it! But I've been so busy with so many other demands on my time, I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful running weather. Instead I'm sewing skirts for a school skit (and they don't look so great--at least the kids will be onstage, so the mistakes should be almost invisible), serving on PTA and Booster boards (3 of them--what was I thinking?), serving in my calling, running taxi for the kids, working, trying to finish my first chapter for a contest, attempting to participate in the blogfest (which it didn't look like I connected it correctly--that's okay, I'm not a romance writer). All the things a mom does.

While I was coming home from a volunteer meeting one evening this week, I was thinking about my kids who'd had to cook their own dinner and hopefully get their homework done (a dream would be if they pracitced piano, too), I had to wonder...does what I'm doing to benefit the kids lose its meaning if it's taking me away from them? And am I really making any progress on the goals in my life if each step is a baby step?