Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So You Want to Be a Writer: LDStorymakers Writers Conference

So you want to be a writer? Me, too. Not just a writer, but a published one? Yep. Think you can do it alone? Probably not.

I thought I was doing all the right things: had an editor friend help me scrutinize every word of my ms. We sent it to about ten alpha readers for comments. I implemented their ideas, edited a little more, and sent it to publishers. That process has taken over a year (after the writing was "done"), and I'm still waiting.

If I hadn't attended the LDStorymakers Writers Conference last year, I might have gotten frustrated and abandoned my dream. At the conference, I was inspired, overwhelmed, reassured, and encouraged. I learned about aspects of writing and marketing I hadn't even considered (I wouldn't have started a blog). I discovered what LDS publishers are out there and what they are looking for. But what probably helped the most, is the online writing and critique groups I joined because of the conference. Their support and advice has been incredible.

So, in case you're on the fence about attending this years LDStorymakers Writers Conference, or wonder, as I did last year, if the travel & time was worth the trouble, here are some benefits of attending:

Hands-on classes
Being with other writers with high moral standards (clean writing)--no matter what genre you're interested in
Advice about ebooks, blogging, self-publishing
National & LDS agents to pitch your book to
National agents and published authors as teachers and speakers

I felt it was so beneficial, it wasn't even a question this year. The first week in May can't come soon enough!

If you are interested in learning more about the conference, including a list of the instructors/ agents and classes, click here: