Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding My Zen

I know it's cliche, and being cliche on a writing blog has got to be the number one "no-no." Nevertheless, this picture describes exactly how I feel right now. It's that time of year when my calendar is full of notes (so much so that I left the wrong kid at school the other day for a non-existent activity) that half of our family home evening involves scheduling. It's full of award ceremonies, concerts, and end-of-school activities as well as the usual church activities, PTA, and homework/ housework/ too-nice-to-be-stuck-indoors wanderlust.

The other day I had this mental image of me juggling and I was terrified that I might drop something. When I contemplated what I could eliminate from my life to simplify, I realized that each was necessary, important, or enjoyable. What I decided instead, was that it was okay if I dropped one momentarily, as long as I picked it back up again. There's no need to expect perfection, just my best effort, and the ability to enjoy the breeze created as my hands swirl with activity.

I still feel overwhelmed at times--especially now with a huge new church assignment and finalizing my manuscript for submission--but I want to be more like the woman in this picture: A look of peace on my face despite (or maybe because I am) juggling the most important aspects of my life.