Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Writing Water Station

Just a few more yards (or days, in this situation) to the water station, I find myself thinking at times during a race.

Only this time, the upcoming water station is the LDStorymakers Writing Conference May 5-6. I am making my travel plans, polishing my pitch, printing my contact cards, planning my classes. I can't wait. I may not be on the brink of writing dehydration, but it's just as necessary to refuel creatively as it is to hydrate during a race--and this writing conference will be that for me.

My race isn't over yet--I still have some hard work ahead of me (I don't have that printed novel in my hand)--but sometimes it helps to reflect on how far I've come since the last water station (LDStorymaker's conference last year) and how stopping there vitally assisted my way.

So this year I am again looking forward to reaching the water station and extending a shaky hand to receive the offered aid of encouragement, knowledge, and networking so I can continue my race. And thanks to those who offer the cups!!