Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start/ Finish Line

After the refreshment, encouragement, and revitalization I received at the LDStorymakers Writers Conference a couple of weeks ago, I find myself at the start/finish line of a few goals:

Finish--submitting my novel, Nourish and Strengthen, which means, for now, I am "done" with it. It also means I am back to working on my second novel (though not exactly a new start since I'm halfway through).

Finish--I finally reached my goal of running 100 miles! So I'm starting on the second hundred miles with the aim to reach that marker a little sooner than it took me last time.

Finish--As my children finish another school year, I find myself finishing obligations I've taken on such as PTA treasurer and band uniform chair. By the same token, it's also the starting line for other similar volunteer responsibilities, and I look forward to continuing to support my children in their endeavors.

So here I am at the starting line, revved up and ready to go! What goals are you starting on? I wish us both luck!