Monday, June 6, 2011

Dry Cleaning Disasters

AHHH! The incompetence! So I've been out of town--at Young Women Camp having a ball whitewater rafting and hiking and orienteering and roasting in a tent. Anyway, in a way, I was almost disappointed to return to cell phone reception and air conditioning and running water (I suppose I couldn't rely on someone else fetch clean drinking water and ice indefinitely) because that meant I'd have to return to unfinished business...namely, the high school marching band uniforms left at the dry cleaner.

Weeks ago, months in fact, I began the process of getting the uniforms cleaned. Last year it wasn't so bad--yeah, it meant a few trips across town, my SUV loaded with stinky polyester, and more than a few hours in a portable inventorying, labeling, returning uniforms in preparation of August fittings. But it was all worth it when I saw the kiddos marching on the field.

So I thought it would be even easier this year. I knew what I was doing this time, after all. But no, the first dry cleaner I used refused to give me a finish date and I felt like I was being strung along, pushed behind every other customer who came in with one or two pieces rather than 80 at a time. After a few frustrating times, I called around, negotiated a similar rate and had a promise all the work would be done within a week (I should have known it was too good to be true) and I thought it would all be done well before the end of school.

Somehow they didn't stick to their original promise, but they assured me within the next two weeks for sure, and I returned from YW Camp naively believing at least half of the uniforms would be finished and waiting on me.

I called. NONE were ready. AND they said they wouldn't start them until another band came and picked up their uniforms (as if I had any control over other band boosters in West Texas). UGH. After a few phone calls and finally talking to the manager who feigned ignorance of my plight and issues that transpiring since she and I had made the arrangements so many weeks ago, she has promised me she'll have it done before I go on vacation.

And stupid me, I'm trusting her. Because she said all the right things and I'm a softie and I don't think all 182 pieces will fit in my van at once. And I'd have to find yet another dry cleaner. Am I crazy? Something about the definition of insanity comes to mind....