Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tourist, Super Woman...Or Running w/ Diabetes

So I've got a problem. A fashion problem. I've begun training in earnest again (after a long cold-weather/ busy school year hiatus). This year I actually printed off the marathon training schedule (instead of the half), but we'll see when October comes which I end up running.

The thing is, as I go for longer and longer runs, I need to be able to track my blood sugar. I could just assume it's going low and eat but I'd rather not--it could go too high. But I also don't want to end up waiting until it's low enough for me to recognize it (by then I'm too tired to continue) and I don't have a CGM. So I'd like to take my glucometer and snack with me while I run. I already bought a Spibelt (see above) for just such a reason and love it. The problem arises that now I have a huge phone that I also need to carry. Although the Spibelt stretches enough for all, it bounces too much.

So my options are: two Spibelts or this other pouch. Either way, I'll look poochy and touristy. Which would look better? (By the way, the bulk of the pouch to the left goes under the shorts, but would be a might big bulge.) Don't forget that I also have an insulin pump clipped to my waistband, too, so the more I add, the stranger I look.

Are there any other options out there?