Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: "Sleight of Hand" by Deanne Blackhurst

Synopsis: "When Daniel, a fifty-five-year-old con man, suffers a heart attack and dies, he meets his guardian angel, Jonah, on the other side. Jonah shows him to a beautiful cabin and tells him this will be his eternal home. Daniel is sure he was able to scam his way into heaven—he scammed everyone on earth, so why not heaven too? But as he spends time in his cabin, all alone, he realizes that he’s actually in a wasteland. Jonah presents him with a way to escape, but will Daniel want to pay the price for his freedom?"

Deanne Blackhurst's Sleight of Hand would make a very interesting book club selection. As far as speculative Christian fiction goes, I've never read anything quite like it. While the book tried hard to be nondenominational, there was enough controversial about it, that it could raise some good discussion. The idea that someone can try and con his way into heaven was intriguing, and I was curious how he'd try it. 

Although I yearned for more of a reference to a Savior's role, Daniel's struggles in Wasteland made me really stop to think about how I might feel in the afterlife if I don't take the opportunity now, in mortal life, to apply the Atonement by repenting of sins and misdeeds. And that, I think, was the book's greatest strength--the ability to make one examine life and the way we treat others.

It was an interesting read--and the first I've ever read on my phone, which I greatly enjoyed--with something to think about.

To learn more about this book or the author's other books, visit Deanne Blackhurst's blog. Now through August 31st, you can order your copy of Sleight of Hand for the special price of $1.99.