Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Accounting: BIAM

If you've been on writing blogs at all this month, you've probably heard all about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Last year I signed up for it and wrote maybe a couple thousand words. Maybe. I had high hopes, but I was in the middle of editing, so it just didn't happen. This year I knew better. I was releasing a book on Nov. 1, so other than promotion, I was good there. The thing was, I was probably a third into my next book and I didn't want to start from scratch as NaNo rules stipulate.

So I found a program that would work for me. ANWA (American Night Writers Association) was running BIAM (Book in a Month) where you could set your own goal (instead of NaNo's 50K) and work on a previously started project. Perfect!

This year I wrote a total of 36,076 words. Not bad, considering I started at just over 30K. So I doubled my book, filling in most of the major scenes. I know my word count will go up as I edit because by the end, I knew a lot more about my characters than I did when I started, so I have more details to fill in--and an entire subplot I didn't think about until two days ago.

Why did it work so well for me this year? First off, I was in the perfect position to need a new book. Second, there was so much support from my other writer friends, whether they were doing NaNo or BIAM, it was great to be accountable and report my daily word count as well as hear how everyone else was doing.

So tomorrow starts December--time to take a deep breath, get out of a writer's frenzy, and prepare for editing and filling in holes. But at least now I have something to work with.