Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of Nourish & Strengthen on Mormon Mommy Writers

What a great way to finish 2011! Friday I had my very first book signing. It was at Moon's LDS Bookstore in Dallas. The staff was wonderful, the store pleasant, the clientele fun to meet. It was a fabulous experience!! If you're in the area, they still have a couple copies of Nourish & Strengthen for sale.

Then, Saturday, Lisa Turner on Mormon Mommy Writers posted a review of Nourish & Strengthen. Her thoughts were insightful and honest. It's always so fun for me to read what people think of my book, especially of course, when they like the novel. Head on over to Mormon Mommy Writers to read the review, and leave your opinion!

My thanks to Lisa and Moon's Bookstore, and a Happy New Year to everyone!