Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Low Blood Sugar Epiphany

The weather was gorgeous and I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to run in shorts and short sleeves. And I had a few free hours. But when I checked my blood sugar it was on the low side of normal--79. Usually I like to start running at 150, or right after eating (and taking less insulin than necessary) so that I will have adequate energy the entire time I'm out. So I ate a snack, lowered my basal rate to 60%, and headed out.

I only got about a mile before I knew it was low again. I'd forgotten to add a snack to my Spibelt, but I figured the snack I ate before leaving the house would eventually catch up to me, so I walked for a while, figuring I could run more in a few minutes.

Long story short, my blood sugar never came up enough to run (when I got home it was at 65) but I had a very productive session. As you can see from my sidebar WIP meter, I'm about 87% done with my first draft of my second book, but I had a couple of problems I had to figure out before I could move on. For some reason, I couldn't figure out a couple of characters' professions and it was becoming important to the story. I couldn't figure out exactly how to mesh the multiple POVs so that the reader didn't have to head hop too much, but yet I'd be able to further each character's arc as they each had shared experiences. And most of all, I needed a stellar beginning. One to grab the reader by the throat and say, "Stick with me here, it'll be worth your while."

And that's what I figured out during my "run" today. I was able to answer all those questions that had been holding me back. I was thrilled. So although low blood sugar isn't conducive to running, it sure helped me get the ideas I needed to further my book!

What unusual circumstances have you been in when you had your epiphanies?