Monday, February 27, 2012

QR Blog promotion

A couple of days ago, I posted a web address for a site that will produce a 3D book cover. I liked the graphics when they were small, but forget about trying to blow it up big enough to use on an 8.5x11 poster. Ugh! Unless you wanna pay $80, and I wasn't that interested. It worked great for the blog, so it has its uses.

Now I found something else. I decided to research if I could get a QR code for book promotion. This website, QR Stuff, was the first one I came across. So far all I entered with this blog address, it generated a QR code for me, I printed it on my computer and voila  when I tried it on my iPhone, it worked!! (Okay, maybe I'm easily impressed.)

So as I finish off my book signing posters to send to Book Nook Plus in Nampa, ID and Pioneer Book in Orem, UT, I can include a link that people can follow to read reviews of Nourish & Strengthen, head to my Facebook author page, or visit my blog. Which do you think would be most helpful? What do you look for when following a QR code?