Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Donald J. Carey's Bumpy Landings

I just had to share the latest book I finished reading, Donald J. Carey's Bumpy Landings. I happened to be "researching" one day (okay, I was on Facebook) and saw a link for a book giveaway. I admit, though I'd had my eye on it for a while, I hadn't actually gotten around to buying it yet, so I was interested. I entered and won and within a few days of receiving my copy, I'd devoured it. (Who needs to watch the Super Bowl, right? This was way better!)

The thing that intrigued me the most about Bumpy Landings was that it is a sweet romance written by a guy with a guy's perspective. I thought about it after I finished the book, and I don't really even remember what Heather looks like. If she was described in the book, I might have skipped over that--it's something I tend to do because I want to picture characters my own way--but it hit me that usually when I read a book written in a woman's perspective, physical descriptions seem quite important. Now that's not to say that Carey doesn't use descriptions, he does--I know what everyone else pretty much looks like, I just couldn't remember Heather, and that may just be me. My point is that I enjoyed reading a romance from the guy's POV. It made it interesting to know how a guy thinks when he's trying to get the girl--what's important to him (like the car), his insecurities, his plans.

A couple other things I really liked about this book are the personal connections I could make with it. I've only been to Hawaii once, as a teenager on a high school band trip, so I enjoyed experiencing places I'd seen decades ago. Similarly, I am a BYU-Provo graduate, so it was fun to see how the BYU-H students live compared to what I remembered.

Besides descriptions and my own memories, I enjoyed the story overall. Of course at times, I wanted to yell at Jordan and tell him to stand up for himself, but I knew the time was coming. It was a great read and I recommend it to anyone--in fact, I've passed it off to my teenage daughter who has her high school band trip to Hawaii next year and, hopefully, her own BYU experience another year later.

If you'd like to read a fabulous interview with the author (and where I won my copy of the book) check out Linda Weaver Clarke's blog. In addition, Don Carey's website has some great information including a synopsis of the book, a cute little video trailer, and purchase links. Hop on over and take a look!