Thursday, February 2, 2012

Want My Autograph?

I love opening a new book--being the first to peek into its pages, cradle it in my hands and turn over each leaf, devouring each word. The only thing better is having the author's signature on the title pages. That special personalization that makes it mine. My connection with the author. With the migration to ebooks, is that personal relationship, no matter how slight it was, now gone forever?

I was thrilled to find that there's a way to get your ebooks signed by the author. Check out a site called Kindlegraph. Readers can request a personalized autograph from their favorite author (as long as the author has signed up). And it is totally free--for reader and author. Although the title indicates it's for Kindle products, the site sends a pdf that can be used on any eReader device, so no worries there if you're a Nook supporter or want it on your iPad.

Authors--it's quite easy to set up, the challenge is signing. If you have a tablet, you sign with a stylus or your finger, and sometimes that takes a bit of practice. If you don't have a tablet, you'll find yourself trying to sign with a mouse, which they say is possible, but I'm glad I didn't have to even try.

Anyway, it's great fun, only takes a minute, and is totally free. So why wait? Order your autograph today!