Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why I Love LDStorymakers Writers Conference

Why do I love LDStorymakers Writers Conference? Simply put, it's got to be the single most beneficial thing boosting my writing career. What about my degree in English, you wonder. Though it was quite helpful--all that practice writing, meeting deadlines, and being forced to read things I wouldn't normally have--this was more specific to writing fiction. How about my critique group? Well, they're fabulous--the help, the motivation, more deadlines, someone to bounce ideas off of, but where did I meet them? At the writer's conference.

There are certainly many factors that contribute to my writing career: support from my family. A laptop. Time to write. But overall, the biggest motivator has been LDStorymakers Writers Conference. The first time I attended, three years ago, I had a finished manuscript and no idea what to do next. I'd edited (several times), had a friend go through a deep edit (Wow! Great leap forward!) and I was ready to submit, but before I did, I attended the conference. And I was so glad I did.

Why I LOVE LDStorymakers:

  1. There's a place for my genre, LDS women's fiction, and one of the few in the country that gives me an opportunity to meet with other LDS writers and mingle with publishers in the LDS market.
  2. Fabulous classes, anywhere from beginning classes to advanced, from plot and character to self-publishing, from fiction to nonfiction.
  3. Networking. I know people talk about it all the time but I had no idea how important it is. The first time I went, I didn't know anyone. I was coming from Texas, going to Utah, so I knew I would be "on my own." The people were friendly and I enjoyed myself. But it didn't stop there. While there, I signed up for Authors Incognito and that has been the best part ever. The gift that keeps giving: advice, support, critique groups, fresh eyes, and people to sit with at the conference.
  4. Last year, my high school-aged son (who's finished two YA dystopian novels) attended Storymakers with me. As first prize winner of the "Show Your Love" contest, he got a seat at the VIP table where he got to chat with the national authors and agents--which gave him some connections for when he was ready to submit his manuscript (which he has done and is still under review) as well as a much-needed critique from one of the agents. It was such a fabulous opportunity and one he will remember for a very long time. Don't pass up your opportunity to mingle with national agents and authors, check it out here.
So, if you're feeling kinda stuck in your writing career, might I suggest something that not only will invigorate, refresh, and inspire you, but is fun, too? Try the LDStorymakers Conference. You will love it!