Monday, March 26, 2012


We make promises every day--agreements that we'll meet a friend for lunch, babysit for a neighbor, proofread a child's homework. Sometimes we take upon ourselves even more important commitments professionally, personally, spiritually. Each requires an amount of integrity to fulfill, especially when other things tend to get it in the way, but it's all a matter of keeping our word.

Carolyn Frank's new middle grade historical novel, Promises, revolves around just such a promise that Hattie makes to herself. This lonely twelve-year-old girl moves with her family to a new, emerging town in southern Utah, where she instantly becomes intrigued with clues left around the house--signs of a former occupant her age--and she vows to return these objects to their rightful owner.

The trailer explains the book's background better than I can:

One of my favorite parts about this book was the character of Penelope. She reminded me of Nellie Olsen in Little House on the Prairie, though without the life of luxury. I also enjoyed experiencing Bryce Canyon through the eyes of Hattie and her school class as she looked upon the red rock hoodoos for the first time. The novel has been well-proofread and reads smoothly, something important for elementary readers. In addition, it gives the reader a taste of what it was probably like to live in a new settlement around the turn of the century.

To find out more about Promises by Carolyn Twede Frank and to check out her awesome blog tour, follow this link to her blog. It includes purchase links if you are interested in ordering a copy. To kick off her blog tour and celebrate the release of her book, Carolyn is giving away a fabulous grand prize. To enter her giveaway, click here.

Carolyn Frank's book was released March 24 in conjunction with Cindy Hogan's second book in the Watched series, this entitled Protected. Hogan's book is geared more toward a teenage crowd and I will be reading and posting about it April 24.