Thursday, March 1, 2012

Revision Goals

That's it!! I've got to do something!

I've been working, sometimes floundering and letting other things get in the way since November. I used NaNoMo to finish my manuscript, but now I've got a mess of a novel to get set to rights before Storymakers in May. Not only that, but I was training for a half marathon through October when my book came out, and then I've only been running sporadically (lost motivation, busy, hate the cold). But now I'm going to make some revisions--literally, on my WIP, and also physically, on my running plan. So, in joining AI's March-a-thon, I've set some goals:

  1. Get my current manuscript in the correct order, with real chapters (not just random scenes), ready for alpha readers by the end of March.
  2. Train for a 10K to be run on March 31.
This might be a bit of a challenge with a couple of book signings and a long drive to Idaho and back during spring break, but check back on my sidebar for updates. What are your March goals?