Friday, March 2, 2012

Wireless Running With Insulin

Michael Aviad @
It's about time to hook up for a run. It's times like this when I think I ought to go wireless. I have so many tubes and wires around me, I feel like I should be in a hospital instead of pounding road pavement, wind in my hair and music in my ear. But I simply can't figure out what to leave behind:

  • I've got my insulin pump--can't give that up. Sure, I could use long-acting insulin instead, but then it's not adjustable when I want less of it temporarily to compensate for the exercise. I could go Omnipod, but I like my Minimed (and we won't go into that anyway). So, tube number one.
  • Then I've got my tiny little iPod Nano. Love, love, love it. But another wire. Thread it through my shirt, not too bad, but something else to clip to my belt (along with the pump).
  • I can't go anywhere without my phone, just in case. And I don't mean in case someone needs to get a hold of me. More like, just in case I run out of steam and need a ride home :)
  • Part of being diabetic and running--I need to take along my glucometer, test strips, lancet, and probably most importantly, some kind of sugar.
All that's just around my waist in some contraption or other that I hope isn't too bulky, floppy, or downright uncomfortable. Then add sunglasses and a visor and of course, my GPS watch to track my miles....

I'm sure I look ridiculous, so I'll forgo my pic. (Instead, I'll post someone else showing off his pump. Someone a little less encumbered.) Am I ready yet?