Wednesday, April 11, 2012

QRC to .COM or to Blog?

So I've got a bit of a conundrum. I'm headed to the LDStorymaker's Writing Conference in just a few short weeks and I'm busy with preparation. Pitch with an agent? Check. Signed up for master classes? Check. Extra copies of Nourish & Strengthen to sell? Check--and they'll be offered at a discount so come find me. Bookmarks to hand out to everyone I meet? Check...but...

I was thinking about how best to promote my book where everyone else will be promoting theirs, but also, I don't want to be overbearing about it. First and foremost, I am attending the conference to improve my craft. Second, to network, which means making connections with people, not necessarily selling books--that's just a bonus if it happens. So I'm contemplating a couple of ideas:

  1. Making a button to wear with my book cover on it (for later recognition). Should I put a QRC on it? Probably not--it'd probably be weird for someone to put their phone up to my chest long enough to read the code. So I'll skip that part.
  2. Printing a QRC onto stickers to place on the back of the bookmarks I hand out at the conference. That would lead them directly to my blog with its reviews of Nourish & Strengthen as well as the purchase links. Probably a good idea, right? Or do I make a QRC leading them to Smashwords and give a code for a percentage off?
My question for today: Will a QRC linking someone to my blog be as effective as linking to a .com? Ideally, I suppose, the QRC would lead the viewer to the author website which would then have links to the blog. Except I can't. Yet. Working on that...

Anyway, I'd love your advice.