Monday, April 9, 2012

Review of Motherhood Matters by Connie E. Sokol

Motherhood Matters by Connie E. Sokol is the perfect petite pick-me-up for any busy mom. Each brief chapter in this cute little book uplifts and encourages through personal stories, scriptures, and comments from general authorities. It is a great reminder of why so many women have had the courage to choose the occupation of being a mother. Especially when the job duties become mundane, repetitive, and possibly even frustrating, this book can help the reader refocus on the eternal blessings of motherhood.

My favorite parts include "There Is No Perfect Mother" (I can attest to that!), "Dirt Under My Nails" (I can only hope), "Creation is Part of Who We Are" (my sanity), and "Joy in Motherhood" (the gentle reminder I particularly needed at the time). I found in each of these chapters a gem to hold in my hand and contemplate throughout the day.

From the back cover:
Combine homework, dishes, laundry, and carpools. Add in the unexpected, subtract time, and repeat daily until well beaten. Sound familiar? It's a recipe for Motherhood Madness. But life doesn't have to be this way. Find the cure in Motherhood Matters.

This delightful little volume, filled with wit and wisdom, presents a straightforward look at the divinity, reality, and rewards of being a mother. With clarity and concision, Connie E. Sokol shares inspirational messages that will fit families everywhere on the road to a better way of life.
Whether your children are preschoolers or teenagers--or preschoolers who act like teenagers and vice versa--this book is guaranteed to help you find memories in the mayhem and treasures in your to-do lists. Fresher than flowers and without all the guilt of chocolates, Motherhood Matters is the perfect gift for the women in your life who give so much.

Motherhood Matters would be an excellent Mother's Day gift for your own mother, daughter, friend, or visiting teachee--any amazing mom you'd like to share this with. You can find it at or check out the author's website for even more information.