Thursday, May 10, 2012

Building a Better Book: LDStorymakers

So last weekend I attended LDStorymakers writing conference for the third year in a row. And every year it astounds and inspires me. This year's theme, "Building Better Writers," built upon a construction and was the foundation for many great ideas I got at the conference. So here's a list of my current projects:

1. Construction of my second LDS women's novel is nearly complete. I'm done with the first draft, sent more than half of it through my critique group, and am now putting on the finishing touches. OK, maybe not "finishing" touches--maybe more like picking out countertops and tile. But soon it will be ready for the first walk-through (beta readers). Some of the classes I attended at Storymakers helped me see where I needed to reinforce my structure so it doesn't collapse.

2. I'm currently in the process of constructing my author webpage. Check back...I'll post a link when I have it up and running.

3. In addition to the typical end-of-school Mom madness, I'm in the middle of moving out of state. Another big construction project...or at least renovation (okay, just boxing, moving, unpacking, painting). Lots of fun, but time consuming.

I love having several projects running at the same time, don't you?