Thursday, May 10, 2012

LDS Authors and Some Great Reads!

One thing I've learned over the past week when I was at the LDStorymakers conference is that there are more LDS authors than I realized! I love knowing there are people out there crafting wholesome, uplifting, well-written stories!

In celebration of this and in conjunction with the awesome blog, "I Am a Reader, Not a Writer," I am participating in this fabulous book giveaway. On my website, you have a chance to win...a copy of my debut novel, Nourish & Strengthen. It's about a very busy, sometimes overwhelmed LDS mom who for some reason thinks she's failing if she's not perfect. None of us ever feel that way, right?

So, to make sure you don't feel overwhelmed, I've made entering this contest super easy. Please choose ONE of the following and comment on it at the end of my post:
  1. Become a follower of my blog (only if you aren't already).
  2. Like my Facebook Page (if you haven't previously):
  3. Tweet or post about my book on Facebook
Remember, I'm only asking for ONE!!(But I won't complain if you do all of the above, in fact, the more you do, the more chances you'll be entered to win.) Thanks so much and good luck winning! If you are chosen as the winner and you reside in the US, you can choose either a print version or an ebook version of Nourish & Strengthen, if you live outside the US you can choose whatever ebook version you prefer!

Please also include an email address if I don't already have it or if it isn't easy for me to find.

Here are the other participants of the Blog Hop if you're ready to move on: