Thursday, May 3, 2012

Writing, Running, and Diabetes=Team Sports?

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Normally, running is very much an individual support. Sure, there are track teams, cross country teams, relay teams, but I've been hoofing it alone most times. And then I realized today, while I ran four glorious miles on the banks of the Provo River in a beautiful canyon in Utah, that I was there because of the support I receive from my husband. We'd walking around town, shopping, reminiscing, when I said, "I'd love a run right now." So he agreed. He didn't run with me, but he drove me there, enjoyed some quiet time, and allowed me to do my thing.

Same thing with writing. You sit for hours upon hours by yourself, typing, planning, deleting, rewriting. But then there are those in your critique group who help you rip out what is boring, poorly written, or just plain wrong. They encourage and uplift, help you find solutions to your problems, offer suggestions. I don't think my first book, Nourish & Strengthen, would ever have gotten off my computer without the support of an old friend who volunteered so many hours in editing, discussing, and recruiting the help of others. (Thank you, Tom!)

And then there's diabetes. That one might be the most obvious. Or not. I mean, only I can be in charge of each bite I take, how much insulin I inject, how frequently I check my blood sugar and correct highs or lows. The advice of doctors is important, and even more, is the support of the family--making sure I am accountable, without nagging me about it. Showing a good example. Not tempting me.

So now as I head off for two and a half fabulous days at the LDStorymakers writing conference (that I look forward to every year) I am thinking about support teams and team sports and right now, I am thankful for the team feeling I get at the conference. I meet so many great people who want to help and share on the way to reaching my dream and theirs--to communicate. This will be my third year in attendance, and I can't imagine not wanting to go next year, or the year after, or the year after that. (Maybe eventually, I'll be part of the team and be able to present?)

So my advice to you today, as humble as it is, look at the teams you have supporting you--especially the ones you may not necessarily think of as teams--and thank them.