Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Preponderance of Procrastination and a Proliferation of Projects Produce Poky Progress

Howdy, all!

I am in full procrastination mode...I am making a speech in church tomorrow and am kinda stuck not knowing what say. I will get to it. I have to. But because I am procrastinating, I thought I might catch up on a few other things I'd been putting off--like blogging.

Actually, I've had a very productive week! I started working out with two new running partners this week, so my miles are way, way up. Not only is it motivating me to actually get it done, but it's fun, too, getting to know new people. It feels good to be running again after taking off a couple of months for the move. Now I've got to work back up to being race-ready. Just gotta choose one...after I get acclimated to the hills.

Also, I've gotten a chapter ready for my critique group--well, almost. Spent all Thursday morning in a Barnes & Noble in Twin Falls (what a pretty little town! but if you stop for pie, make sure you wanted it cooked--I'd never heard of baked banana cream pie. It was terrible. The boysenberry crunch, however, was heavenly). After having a productive writing morning, I met a friend/ fellow writer, C. K. Bryant, for lunch at Maxie's, a fabulous little restaurant in Kimberly. Loved the conversation about publishing and having a chance to meet in person with someone in my critique group was just the kick I needed to keep going!!

In addition, Friday I spent most of the day making homemade jam. (It actually turned out pretty good for my first time trying it) and today the hubs and I spent most of the day moving boxes around in our garage. It's much more organized, even if it doesn't look like it.

Despite all my progress, I've got a ton projects left to do. Like finishing that talk. And finishing my chapter and emailing it to my critique was due yesterday. Oops. And finishing painting the trim in my new house. And hanging pictures on the walls. And working on the landscaping. And sewing/ tweaking the curtains in a couple of rooms. And trimming the rosebushes. And...well, you know what it's like. We've all got a ton of things to do.

One more thing I did this week--I figured out why my youngest child's blood sugar was having so much trouble. When there are a lot of highs, it always takes some work to figure out the reason. Could be basal rate. Could be the hormones (he's 12) as he grows (again, a basal issue). Could be that he's eating all the time and not always the best of choices. But no, what was going on was that he's lost a lot of weight in the past couple of years he's been on an insulin pump (since he's grown much taller, not that his diabetes is out of control) and he no longer has enough fat to use the 9mm cannula for his infusion set. So I called MiniMed and they sent out some samples of 6mm and a different kind that goes in sideways instead of straight in. He's a much more comfortable guy now--no more yelping in pain when the infusion set is changed--with much better numbers. Life is good.

Now I've got to get back to work.