Friday, September 28, 2012

Introducing My Author Website:

After a ridiculously long time of working on this website, it's finally up and running! It required a ton of research and learning about things like meta tags (I'm still not convinced I have those done right) and photo editing (can I just say how much I love YouTube videos and the fabulous people who take the time to make techie vids?) and domain transfers, but it was so much fun. The biggest problem with it--I enjoyed the process so much, I may have trouble leaving it static. You may pop over some day and find a totally different theme, you never know.

In fact, while I was working on it, I came across another author's website (yep, I kept at least ten open on my browser, different ones each day) who was using the same webdesign platform (is that the correct term? I'm not certain). Anyway, I was communicating to her about a promotion she had going on and I mentioned that I was working on my website too, and that I was waiting until it was perfect to go live. She laughed at the thought of getting it perfect, and it was then that I realized mine wouldn't ever be perfect, just done enough to post...which is what I've done!

Take a peek through, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, or comments about what works (who doesn't like compliments, right?), let me know.

Also, I'm thinking I need a tagline written on the black and white side of the above photo. Anyone have any ideas? Come check out the website at! Thanks!