Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top Secret: Under Construction

Normally (well, at least lately), I post an image to go with my blog topic so that you can tell at a glace what I'll be rambling about. But not today!

Oh, I have pictures of what's been keeping me busy this past week, but all of my big projects are in medius rea--right in the middle of things--and I can't let you peek just yet, lest you judge me too harshly.

I will, however, give you a couple of hints:

     1. I recently decided that I wanted a professional author website to accompany this fun little blog. Can I just say, it's been more work that I thought it would be? Picking the perfect template (why am I having so much trouble making a decision?) is not the only thing I had to worry about. No, there's the whole domain thing, hosting bit, CSS stuff, and then tracking down all the info. And I'm not publishing 'til it's perfect...or at least as perfect as it's going to get. So it may be a while.

     2. My daughter, who just barely became of dating age, was asked to Homecoming. Finding a modest dress was almost as hard as picking the perfect template (let alone one she was happy with). Find one, we did, but it requires a little tweaking to bring it up to what she'll feel and look gorgeous in. That, I am happy to say, is almost done, despite my sewing inabilities. However, I cannot post pics until her date sees it this next weekend, so again, we wait.

That's it. Sure, there's the whole running mommy taxi and critiquing and editing and watching my grapes become mush on my back patio because I haven't tried my hand at making raisins yet, but that, my friends, is what I've been up to lately....