Monday, October 15, 2012

How Do You Get Diabetes?

"What do I tell my friends when they ask me how you get diabetes?" my seventh-grader asked.

The four diabetics in my family were sitting around the dinner table when he posed the question, and I think each of us could think of a time we'd been asked this very question.

So in case you wanted to know, here are my top five favorites of some responses we came up with:

5. You get it from your brother/sister.

4. It's in my jeans...I'll let you borrow them and you can have diabetes for a day.

3. You know that DNA strand? It's somewhere in that jumbled mess...

2. You could ask at the library...they might have some, but you might have to get on a waiting list.

1. Well, you go on to and type in diabetes. You know Amazon sells everything!

Got any more smart alec-y answers for us?