Monday, November 5, 2012

November is...NaNoWriMo, Diabetes and Adoption Month

As you can tell my my blog title, I like to post about three things:

  • Writing--the process, my progress, publishing, reviewing other people's books, promotion, reading in general, basically everything about it
  • Running--races I've run, where I am at in my own exercise program, whatever motivates me to continue
  • Diabetes--personal experiences with diabetes (individually as well as in my family), what's new, what's helpful (and what's not)
Many times these themes overlap--especially the running and diabetes. So often my exercise routine is affected by my diabetes and vice versa, which makes it difficult to write about one without the other sometimes.

Well, this month, even more things converge. I could make this huge Venn diagram of how all this stuff works together. But here are some of the things I plan to post about this month--things that have to do with my blog themes as well as things that are just interesting to me:

  1. First of all, November is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). I tried that last year, or at least my own personal version of it. Technically speaking, it is where a person writes at least 50,000 words of a previously un-started novel, completed within the days of Nov. 1 and Nov. 30. I thought I might do that this year, but instead find myself doing EMBO--Edit My Brains Out--because I am trying to fix the more than 50,000 words I wrote last November, much of it a mess that has taken me forever to iron out. But my goal is to have the entire book edited and ready to send off to beta readers by Nov. 30. Wish me luck!
  2. November is also National Diabetes Month. Possibly as a way to educate people about all that Halloween candy they had and warn them against gluttony on Thanksgiving. I can't say I'll be doing any of that (I'll stay off my soapbox for you). I'll probably just give you an update on my son's switch from an insulin pump to shots. And remind you that there's this really great novel about diabetes if you're looking for one. It's called Nourish & Strengthen by Maria Hoagland. She (I) will be running a special promotion later this month where it will be totally FREE and then "on sale" just in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for specific dates. I'll also be rolling out a book trailer that I've been working on. I'm sooo excited about it, but it's not ready yet, so....
  3. November is National Adoption Month. In conjunction with that, I will be reviewing two very different but very excellent books about adoption. Along with my reviews, I will be interviewing the authors so that you can get a sneak peek into their personalities. I'm very excited about this, especially because I plan to roll out a fun interview style that will mesh with the running part of my blog. That, too, is something to look back for later this month.
There are a few more things November is this's a presidential election. It's my first Thanksgiving in a new home, hosting family for the first time. It's the first time my son will be home since going away for his first semester at college. It's maybe even the first snowfall for me this year. And it's also time to get back to work!!