Saturday, December 1, 2012

EMBO Report: I DID It!

So last month I made a goal. With a real deadline. And I made it!

While the rest of the writing world was working on NaNoWriMo writing their 50,000 words in a month, I decided to finish editing my last year's NaNo project and finally have it ready to get out there to the world. I called it EMBO--Edit My Brains Out! And let me tell you, it felt like that by the end.

When I started in November, I had over 84,000 words in my manuscript titled Crossing the Wake. By the time I shut my computer off on November 29 (a whole day early), I had a finished manuscript at just over 90K and I changed the title to Family Size. Over the course of the month, I did two full edits--once front to back, and the second time editing each of the three main characters' chapters--and did each in one day. It was so helpful to do it both ways--with consistency, plot, characterization.

Today I emailed the manuscript to fabulous beta readers who will make sure I'm on track--that it makes sense, that my facts are correct, that it's interesting. They will check wording, plot, proofing, everything. And I will get a much-needed break.

When I receive their comments, I will be able to integrate the corrections I need to make, as well as any bigger tweaks that are necessary. After leaving the manuscript for several weeks, I will be able to pick up things that I missed on the last two passes, which of course, every little improvement is worth it.

Until I get comments back, I get to work on creating a cover--and I am sooo excited to do that. I got a Bamboo Capture for Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to doing some experimenting  In fact, I'm thinking I'll wrap an empty box so that I can start early :)

In addition, I need to write the back cover copy and get to work outlining my next soon as I get a solid idea what I'd like to write. So many ideas, so little time....