Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Editing Tricks: My Favorite Go-To Website

Today I'm doing (one of) my final run-through(s) of my next novel, Family Size. I'm almost done with the typesetting, just fiddling with the widow/ orphans to make sure the pages look nice for the paperback (I'm sooo excited!!) and checking the little squiggly lines in Word, trying to eliminate as many as I can.

Often times, I find myself running to the Internet to Google a specific grammar question. I actually think I'm fairly good at grammar, I do have an English degree, have done a fair amount of reading and writing, but there are some things I've just never thought about, so I check (and double check).

Can I just say, I am so grateful for a website called Grammar Girl. Not only does she have a post about every question I've had so far, but she also explains the why--so hopefully I won't get it wrong again next time!!

So if you're looking for a great website to check those little things like when to hyphenate ages and whether it's "awhile" or "a while," check out Grammar Girl!