Monday, January 14, 2013

Positive Reviews & Forward Progress

Book Bug
Positive Reviews:
I love it when people get my book--of course, who doesn't? I woke up this morning to a "surprise" review that has made my day!! What a great way to start off a new week!

The Book Bug: A Reading Haven for YA and LDS Fiction Lovers reviewed Nourish & Strengthen. I love the fact that the reviewer was able to see past the diabetes component of the book and how it related to deeper aspects of the character's life. I admit that as an author, I was using diabetes as a metaphor rather than the entire subject matter, and hoped that readers would find something that applied to them, even if they don't battle medical challenges like Chloe's.

So, if you still haven't read Nourish & Strengthen and would like to know a little more about it from someone other than the author (and not someone I know personally), head on over to The Book Bug and check out the review.

Forward Progress:
An latest manuscript, Family Size, has headed off to the last of the beta readers (what do you call them when they are more like the third or fourth round of editors/critiquers)? As soon as I get it back from her, I will finish up the proofreading and start the layout process. I had been hoping to get it published Feb. 1st, but since it's mid-January already, I'm thinking it might be a little later, but better to have a great product than a timely one, right?

As I wait for the critique to come back, I will be busy tweaking the cover. As soon as I am completely happy with it, I will reveal it here, so check back in a few days!