Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family Size Book Release

"Whew! I did it!"

I thought by now I'd be able to say that and lean back in my chair, relaxed and taking notes as I research the topic for my next book. It's right there in the periphery scratching at the door, wanting to be the center of my attention. Alas, though my new novel, Family Size, is available for purchase (and the official release date was Feb. 15), I am still working on finalizing the release.

While I LOVE indie publishing--I love the control of the timing and the venues and everything else--I am the one who gets to do it all: the proverbial double-edged sword. If I'm running behind, it's all my fault. And there's so much to do. It's not just a matter of producing the cover and actual words, it's uploading it to all the platforms in all the formats, then organizing a blog tour, connecting all my social networks (and getting them to "talk" to one another so I don't have to do it all manually). But can I just say I love this part of writing, too? It's so much fun, really. (I say this, but yesterday I was cursing the upload issues I was having with Kobo, but don't you worry, I'm getting that ironed out.)

So, a few days late, here's the big reveal, the awesome announcement, my proclamation to the world about my latest novel--Family Size!!

Is it one-size-fits-all, or all sizes fit? A novel about friendships, faith, and fertility by LDS women's fiction author Maria Hoagland.
Jessica loves being the mom of an ever-expanding family, but when an ultrasound throws her a curve, can she adapt with grace? Dragged away from home, Maya feels deserted by her workaholic husband in a land of confusing accents and church cliques. What will it take to acclimate and save her marriage—or does she even want to? Sloane is an algebra teacher and runner who would give up both to be a mom, but no matter what she does, pregnancy remains elusive. Can she adjust her thinking and find purpose in her life? As their lives intertwine, can friendship and faith help these women hurdle expectations of an ideal family size?

Advance Praise for Family Size:

“Hoagland has a talent for taking us into people’s hearts, allowing us to see both the bad and the good, and showing us the strength that comes only from trial. The characters in Family Size could be your neighbors or anyone from your ward. They think as we think, learn as we learn. They fail and weep, and then they dust themselves off and try again. In the end they come through for each other—and brilliantly. I very much enjoyed this novel.”—Rachel Ann Nunes – Bestselling author of Line of Fire and Before I Say Goodbye

Family Size is a touching story of three women who know heartache and trial, but also know where to turn for help. I loved this book. I laughed. I cried. I believe every woman will relate to the different tales of heartache and hope and come away with more compassion and understanding for others. I would recommend you not only read Family Size, but share it with all the sisters in your life.” –Cami Checketts, The Broken Path

Family Size is a touching story of three women's struggles with motherhood. Their issues with pregnancy, health, and fertility are well balanced and told so any woman can relate to them. Another great book by Maria Hoagland.” –Heather Justesen, The Switch

You can purchase your own copy of Family Size at the following places:

Family Size (Amazon.com)
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords--has all eReader formats