Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review of The Glitch {A Comedy of Errors}

Here's the blurb:

When the bishop of a singles ward attempts to use a computer program designed to match clients with insurance programs to match people instead, a massive glitch in his system leads to chaos, hysteria and—just maybe—love.

Greer Pierson spent too long losing her crazy ex-boyfriend to be matched with him again. She’d rather spend another night eating microwave pizza and watching cheesy martial arts movies with her next door neighbor, Ri Mankowitz. And speaking of Ri, he’s way too nice to be a nearly perfect match with a girl who is content to talk about hair for hours.

She wants to see Ri with the right girl and Greer thinks she knows who that girl is. But to get Ri with his perfect mate she’s going to have to do some serious re-matching. And no one is safe. Not even, as it turns out, Greer herself.

Now Greer's about to learn that sometimes everything has to fall apart so her life can finally come together.

My Thoughts:

This week I had the opportunity to read Amber Gilchrist's new novel, The Glitch {A Comedy of Errors}. And I want to emphasize "opportunity." It was a treat to read this book. It was quirky and fun with fabulous banter and fun characters. It is a YA LDS romantic comedy set in Albuquerque, NM, which is nice because it shows how a singles ward is a singles ward whether in New Mexico or Utah. Oh, and it didn't hurt that I lived nearby for several years, so I can picture the great rain storm. :)

One thing I loved about the book was that it talked about the church without being preachy, and was able to work in a conversion without the book feeling like one of those conversion books. Although there was no surprise in it, of course, well, not too much--maybe a smidgen--I loved every second of it and was sad when the book ended. I would love to see a sequel because I loved the characters.

You can find The Glitch for your Kindle at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for your Nook. The author's blog here. Read it! It's great fun!