Thursday, April 18, 2013

Allergic to the Sun?

So after at least five years of a slowly escalating issue, I finally went to a dermatologist. Without going into graphic detail (and definitely skipping the photo shoot), suffice it to say that I have a rash on my forehead that I've been covering up with makeup for years.

Over these years, I've tried many different things and talked to several doctors, albeit most of them general practitioners  We tried different makeup, different soap, different shampoo (all-natural, everything-free, leave-my-hair-a-tangled-mess stuff) and conditioner. No help really.

Last year a doc and I decided I had developed an allergy to grass or something plant-ish because the rash always got worse when I started running more, mowing the grass, and working in the spring. So per his suggestion, I was taking Zyrtec twice a day and two Benadryl at bedtime. Really didn't see any improvement, so I was hoping it would go away when I moved from Texas to Idaho. Even then, no, not really.

So when I started running again here a couple of weeks ago, I ended up with a flare-up. See, it wasn't all that hot (still pretty cold, really), just sunny, and I didn't feel like wearing my visor. BIG mistake. But, that lead me to question if maybe it was a reaction to the sun.

I'll skip the rest of the story to say that the dermatologist concurs. So now he tells me I need to wear sunscreen all the time, reapply even to run errands, wear long sleeves, and stay out of the sun. WHAT? I can't do that! I love feeling the sun on my skin. My favorite place to write is outside--again, in the sun if it's not too hot and in the shade if it is. I hate running inside. Treadmills are too easy to turn off. So my question today is, does anyone else have experience with this? What works? What doesn't? Is this a death sentence? (Okay, a tad dramatic, but does that mean no more sunshine??)