Monday, April 1, 2013

Great Review of Family Size!

I love it when people read my book and enjoy it! (Of course. Why else would I be writing and publishing?) And I love it even more when they blog about it, review it, and/or rave about it any public venue!

So here's the latest review. It's by Cathy Jeppson on her blog. I think she's done a great job with the synopsis of the book--probably better than I do :) Cathy wrote:
"I loved this book! It's about 3 women who know each other from being in the same ward, and they all have really different challenges when it comes to their family size. Jessica has 4 vivacious and loving children, including a new baby, when she realizes she's pregnant yet again, she's not really sure how to handle it. She'd really just like to have a break. Maya is new to the ward, her family moved from vibrant Chicago and she's not sure how to fit in in more laid back Texas. Sure she will eventually, if only people would stop asking her why she only has the 2 boys. Sloane's greatest desire is to be a mom, unfortunately, nothing is working for her that way. She's not sure why she can't get pregnant, but she just can't."

I would give you the rest of her review--what she actually thought about it--but I'll let you jump over to her blog so you can read it straight from her.

Thanks, Cathy!