Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dreaming of Bookshelves....

So right now I have this completely boring shelf on the way down the stairs to our cozy family room/media room/basement. Most of the time we've lived here, it's just held this big framed poster (because, as I formerly stated, I LOVE trees....).

Anyway, I also love old cameras and recently my sweet husband found a cache of them at a garage sale and brought them home for me. I love them, but I want an interesting way to display them. Pairing them with books would be heaven.

So...I'm going to copy and paste and try to give credit to the original posting bookshelves that I love or think I might be able to do something with. My biggest problem, though, is that I won't have much room for standing back and looking at them. In fact, most of the viewing will be from the side. I suppose that will make a difference. Yeah, and unfortunately, I won't be able to use a library ladder, either, which is too bad because I LOVE them!!

Anyway, time for inspiration....

I like this one:

Female Ways

Link here. Seems to be a blog in another language.

And this one's awesome. Of course, it wouldn't wrap around from the stairs, but it could wrap around the corner. 

As long as I could figure out how to get books up that high....

Coolitdoc.com unusual bookshelves

This one is an interesting concept and maybe a jumping off point, but difficult to display photography equipment.

I love the movement and sculpture here, but it wouldn't be super easy to find and impossible to build. Although my carpenter/ husband is awesome, I'm not sure we could pull this one off!

Does Humor Belong
I LOVE this!!!

But after I say that, I realize that the photography equipment would get lost in it.

Now something with a little steampunk feel to it. I will definitely have to have a clock in it. That's just a given. I like the little ladder.

And maybe adding posts to the sides from the shelf to the ceiling. I love these old iron looking ones. Sure, something I can just find at the local DI or Lowe's, right?

Department of Anthologies

But there's just something fulfilling about a wall of books, symmetrically aligned. I wouldn't be upset with that, either. I could fill that section with boxes, but some of them would be quite high.

This is pretty fun and would be great for alternating with the cameras.

A close-up of how those books look on the wall. Simple, clean, inexpensive, and a little Harry Potter-ish.

A variation, but it would make the cameras make a little more sense!!

I keep coming back to this idea. I think it's my favorite!!

So some kind of mix between these last few pics, depending on the frames I can find.

What do you think?

If you've got some other ideas you don't mind sharing, post a comment with a link to a picture I can  see, okay?