Friday, June 14, 2013

Nestled in a Writer's World

Here's news--it's June and school's out!

Okay, maybe not news to anyone. :)

I'd planned June to be my own personal NaNoWriMo. I prepped my outline, and gathered my research. I finished work (I work part-time at an elementary school) and was all ready and roaring to go.


Somebody forgot to remind me that summer is a great time to get projects done (I've been painting my shed and making strawberry jam) and spending time with my kiddos (helping my daughter with a sewing project). The perfect time to sleep in and get back into the exercising groove that I'd somehow fallen out of (why is it so easy to fall out of and so hard to get back into?). Oh, yeah, and family vacation is coming up this month, too!

So I'm modifying my goal. I still have a goal to complete the first draft of my latest novel, currently called Battling Time, sometime this summer. However, I've now decided that although writing it in 30 days still sounds fun, those 30 days don't have to be consecutive. How's that for having my own personal NaNo? I get to make the rules. Kinda liking this being-in-control thing.

So I'm set to go, and thought you might like to see what the walls of my office look like right now. I've got my character inspiration photos on one wall (yep, my youngest calls me a stalker because I've got pics of strangers on my wall, but if there aren't torn newspaper articles and bits of string with pushpins, then I'm totally sane, right?) and my Post-It Note outline on another.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: So I didn't get anything done. And then I learned about Camp NaNoWriMo starting July 1!!! The real thing. I don't have to make up my own rules. So much for the rebel in me. Anyway, I'm going to do that instead. Which of course also means that I can procrastinate a few more precious days :D