Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Breaking Camp: Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

I tried something new, for me--I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo. It's a more relaxed version of the National Novel Writing in a Month that typically happens in November. Camp NaNo (for short) has a little different rules--basically, you can set your own goal and try to reach it.

A typical November NaNo means starting writing word one on Nov. 1 and writing at least 50K words by the end of Nov. 30. I just so happened to be at the point where I was starting a new novel, had a detailed outline, and was ready to go, so I set my goal for Camp NaNo the same as if it were November.

Did I make it? Well, no. But I did get a third the way through my rough draft, which is a good start, I think. My excuses for not finishing? Well, it is summer. And we did take a family vacation in July. And a couple of other trips. And I painted the shed, started running more (again), and switched my office and my son's bedroom. And today, when I should have been feverishly trying to get those last, well, 23,000 words? I went cycling with my two teenagers. And that, to me, is a WIN!

So I will continue to get as many rough draft words in as I can before school starts and I go back to work. Even then, I assume, I will still be working on that rough draft, and that's okay. I'll find time to do it; I always do!

I want to thank my writer friends who "bunked" with me at Camp NaNoWriMo--for their support, and actually bringing it to my attention and inviting me to do it in the first place! And I must say, it was a great experience, and I'll probably return to camp next year as well! For now, I head away from my netbook, dusty and dirty, mentally and physically exhausted, ready for a tiny rest from this project. At least until tomorrow when I pull out the memories of camp and use the habits I've acquired this past month to keep cranking out words to mold into my next masterpiece!