Monday, July 1, 2013

...To Display My Collection of Old Cameras

When I came across the title "clockpunk" I realized after all these years, there's something that describes me and my decorating style. My family just shakes their heads when I gush on and on about old clocks, working or not. They've just come to know which clocks in the house are right most of the time and which are only right twice a day. To go along with my clocks, I have an old globe, small trunks, a fabulous record player from the 40s, and vintage cameras.

Pocketful of Pretty

In my last post, I was explaining how I want an interesting place to display my new-to-me, expanded and exploded collection of photography equipment (I went from three to about 20-25). I posted pictures of unusual bookshelves which has me inspired and excited to take my daughter hunting through the city for vintage frames and or crates. It'll be a great treasure hunt!

But after I posted about the bookshelves, I changed my search terms and found some pretty great ways of displaying old cameras, and I thought I'd do a little follow-up. See if it keeps the creative juices flowing, right?

This is what I've come up with:

Roadkill Rescue

I like the idea of using the wire and clothespins to hang up mats and old pictures. Maybe I can work this in somewhere, too.

Lauren's Digital Scrapbooking Adventure

Know what would be the best? Finding an old library card catalog to throw in with all this!! Okay, if I come up with something good, I'll post an "After" shot so you can compare. Again, if you've got a fun way to display old cameras or have come across a photo you think I might enjoy, link it to this post. I'd love to check it out!