Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BYU Campus Education Week Book Signing

I had a great time at the BYU Campus Education Week Book Signing this week! It was thrilling to feel the energy on campus with the influx of families and students. I think I'll have to attend as a participant next year--it looks like it was a blast!

The staff were welcoming and met my every need--well, except for the hamburgers suggested by the author next to me. It was fun to see my name in the Daily Universe (it's been a...couple of years, and it's not a byline this time, but it was pretty cool) and hear my name announced over the loudspeaker. I loved seeing friends as well as meeting new people and getting the chance to talk about my books and writing.

If you are still on campus and didn't get a chance to come by while I was signing, never fear, my books are still available for purchase--there might even be a signed copy left. Just head over to the LDS Fiction section of the bookstore and look for my name.