Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review: Follow Me to Zion

Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers is the latest Deseret Book offering of pioneer histories. It's a solid, thick book (288 pages with the index) separated into sections with each chapter relating the stories of a particular individual or family on the trek. For their descendants, I can imagine this book will be a precious heirloom, a way of preserving family heritage.

But for the person with only a casual interest in pioneer history, I wonder how far a person will get through in reading it. It's not exactly the kind of book that most people will sit down and read cover to cover. However, as a resource, it does have its place. For example, the book has been in my house maybe a month now, and already it's been put to use by someone other than me. With an upcoming youth pioneer reenactment trek, my teenager has the assignment to research a pioneer. This book contains stories with just the right amount of information. No longer does he need to sift through several books, journals, or online websites trying to figure out who to learn more about. For research needs, this will be a great book to consult, especially as it is complete with full notes for further reading.

If you are a history buff and enjoy reading first-person experiences, this book is for you. If you have pioneer heritage from the Willie handcart company, or if you need to do pioneer research, this is the book for you as well. It can be found in Deseret Book stores and online, as well as at Amazon.