Thursday, December 5, 2013

What to Give the One Who Has It All

Christmas. We all know it's so much more than black Friday shopping, buying things, and giving gifts. Or is it? We're buying gifts to show our love to the ones we care most about. Then, what if we designate Christ as the recipient of some of our greatest gifts this Christmas? In all your searching around for those things that might make your family and friends happy, why not consider the things that will make all of you happiest?

But what if you're a terrible gift-buyer like me? I have the hardest time coming up with gift ideas my loved ones would appreciate. What do you get the person who really does have it all? Merrilee Boyack's 12 Gifts for Christ is the gift idea book for just such a purpose. Yes, the ideas are simple gospel principles--living the commandments--but in all their simplicity, these ideas are perfect for the occasion. I especially enjoyed the ideas of how to implement the principle at Christmastime.

The cover art is gorgeous, and some of the gospel applications fresh and intriguing. If you're looking for a quick read and a sure way to refocus your holiday-frazzled mind back on the Savior of the world and his birth, this book just might be the one for you. You can find it at Deseret Book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a ton of other places. (I saw it at Walmart yesterday.)