Monday, March 24, 2014

Indie, Traditional, or Hybrid?

Which publishing path is write for you?
(Yeah, I know, bad pun!)

Check out this article on The Page Nation
I'm pretty sure I've written about it before--how I decided to go indie and how's it's been working for me--but if I have, it's certainly been a while.

So follow-up, almost two-and-a-half years later, how do I feel now about indie publishing? Where am I at with all of this?

I now have two indie published books and a fabulous support group of fellow indie authors. I love every bit of the process of indie publishing. Perhaps I wish I could reach more readers. Perhaps I'm still working out that whole marketing thing (sometimes I feel like I'm on a carousel with the scenery changing every time I make a revolution). But I wouldn't change the choices I've made. I'll keep learning. I'll keep producing. I'll keep changing my game plan. And who knows, maybe someday I'll choose to be a hybrid author. Maybe.

But for now I am away on a writer's retreat of sorts getting as much revision done as I possibly can. I'm hoping to get my third book out in the next few months. And I'm excited about it. (More to come very soon!)

Today I was featured with several other writers on Ranae's Writespot in an author panel discussing the choices that we've made in getting published. I loved reading others' stories! If you're trying to decide which way is right for you, you might consider heading over to Ranae's blog. Thanks, Ranae, for hosting! It was a great idea!