Tuesday, April 1, 2014

High Fives for Fiction!!

Everybody loves a Top Ten!
The only thing better than a Top Ten is the High Five!
It's like all the best in half the time, right?

My High Five Reasons for My High Fives:

5. People don't read lists longer than five. Am I right?

4. It's easier to get authors to participate if I'm only asking them for five things rather than a long  list. And we all know it's more interesting to learn about the authors than just read my review.

3. Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment. And even more so when it's done well. I think the author deserves a high five for that. Think about it--a writer spends countless hours:
  • Developing an idea that people want to read
  • Actually putting words on a page
  • Adding more words--there's a persistence issue here
  • Deleting fewer words than they keep
  • Revising said words, crafting it carefully into compelling fiction
  • Editing it until it shines and submitting to painful red pens
  • Publishing (a huge effort whichever way they accomplish it)
  • Marketing without becoming a nuisance
  • And starting it all over again!
2. I could make a list of what I don't like about a book--what pulled me out of the story, the fact that there were a couple of typos I'm not big enough to get over (yep, every book has at least one typo), why some tiny detail was not to my liking, what I thought should have gone differently. BUT. I don't want to surround myself with negativity. If I don't like a book, I don't recommend it. I won't post a review. Period. So I might as well focus on what I liked best about the book and pass that information on to you!

1. A high five always includes a smile. And life can always be improved with a smile. :)

So that's it, folks. My reviews. My high fives to some
super-awesome authors who write some pretty awesome books!