Friday, May 30, 2014

Multiple-Author Book Signing!

Just wanted to pass on the information. First off, if you're at all interested in writing or self-publishing and could be in the Utah area next weekend, this conference is going to be amazing! I've been compiling the syllabus for the conference and I'm really going to have a difficult time deciding which classes I want to take! If you'd like to check out the class descriptions or register for the conference (yes, please register for the conference), you can do it on the Indie Author Hub website.

If you're not so much into writing, but you love to read, we're having a multiple author book signing the evening of the conference. Everyone is invited! The bookstore will be open to the public all day, and most authors will be offering their paperbacks at a bit of a discount, I suspect. Here's the information on the book signing! I'd love to see you there!