Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tornado Warning a Review of Tamara Hart Heiner's Latest Book

How well I remember when I heard about the tragedy of the tornado ripping through Joplin, Missouri. I watched the news, read the stories, and prayed for the people of the town and their families. At the time, I lived in West Texas--a place not completely void of the occasional tornado itself. The Joplin catastrophe sobered me, bringing me to the realization that the frequent tornado warnings we experienced were not to be ignored.

Tornado Warning: The Extraordinary Women of Joplin, Tamara Hart Heiner's nonfiction account of seven women's experiences through the ordeal is a gripping read. It chronicles the events of courageous people who survived one of the worst tornadoes in recent history. Descriptive to the point that I could see, hear, smell, and feel the anguish the people of Joplin--and especially these seven women and their families--I agonized with them as they struggled through that Sunday and in the days that followed. I wanted to reach through the book, and through time, to help. I wanted to give them relief. I wanted to make sure something like this would never happen again.

I was touched by the kindnesses of people around them. I was appalled by its lack as well. I was surprised at parts and amazed by tender mercies shown that helped some through difficult times. I mourned for those who didn't have that chance.

I don't read much nonfiction, but I appreciated this one. If you like real life stories, you'll love this one. Buy it. Read it. All proceeds go to help rebuild Joplin and other devastated areas.

You can find Tornado Warning: The Extraordinary Women of Joplin by Tamara Hart Heiner on Amazon
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