Monday, June 9, 2014

Indie Author Hub Publishing Conference 2014

It's in the books! (Yeah, I know, bad pun. :))

I've gone to other writing conferences before and really had a fabulous time, but this one was certainly my favorite! There were informative classes--I wish I'd been able to attend them all, but some I did have to opportunity to attend were taught by Rachel Ann Nunes, Rachel Branton, Cindy Hogan, and Heather Moore. In addition to writing, I learned about taxes and deductions for business writing, marketing, cover creation. I got to hang out with Stephanie and Jacqueline Fowers and Julie Wright at lunch. I was able to sign books and have books signed by others, and, best of all, had the opportunity to brainstorm with new friends!

I'm already looking forward to the next indie conference, but until then, I've been recharged and am excited to finish my current project and get started on the next!

Yep, not my best pic and my eyes are closed, but I had so much fun having dinner with everyone the night before the conference. (This is probably only half the group, though, and there were tons more the next day!)

What gets you excited and recharged when you feel your motivation is lacking?